Hello! I'm Sandi to most people, Cass to some, and to one in particular I am Biscuit. I love books, knitting, scrapbooking, photography, music, history, genealogy, baking, the wonderful people in my life, and especially one amazing guy. I am a graduate student in anthropology and I hope to go into historical archaeology.
April 16th
1:36 AM

Sometimes I spent hours, days, weeks in a haze where it feels like my body and my soul (or whatever you want to call the thing that makes me who I am, my consciousness maybe) are floating adjacent to one another but not fully connected. I am neither wholly one nor the other and I am sometimes not even aware of it being wrong because it’s like my brain is underwater and if I could just THINK I would be able to function, I’d be okay, but everything is so incredibly slow and difficult as if I am waking from or falling into a dream and I am not sure what is reality because everything real or imagined feels so far away.

Whenever I try to verbalize it I feel like I sound like a person who’s describing being stoned and the thing is I’ve never done recreational drugs because I partially forget who I am sometimes, like this, without any apparent trigger or desire to, and it has been this way most of my life and I cannot imagine why anyone would ever volunteer to feel like a balloon attached to your own wrist. And once or twice I HAVE forgotten myself almost completely and been someone else for a few hours, with only a vague sense that everything around me is wrong and not mine.

And the weirdest thing is that it’s not even scary. My head hurts, often, or I get very sleepy and lethargic, and it is a lot like being sedated - my brain isn’t functioning on a high enough level for me to experience fear, and it is only barely able to attend to my basic survival. Recently I spent 36 hours in bed, most of it awake but in this dreamy state, not eating or drinking anything or going to the bathroom the whole time because I had no desire or need to.

It’s so frustrating because I have no control over it and no understanding of what’s going on.

Also sometimes I hallucinate smells. Today all the food in my apartment smelled like woodsmoke and occasionally I’ll catch the smell in the air despite there being no possible source outside my own mind.

Maybe this is just what happens when you experience too many head injuries (at least three blackout concussions and other lesser accidents) over 20 years.

April 15th
11:36 AM



Yo but for real for like $50 I’ll do something like one of these for you.

$75 and I’ll do the comic page in color.

$150 and I’ll do you a 5 page comic.

$25 and I’ll just do some B&W character drawing for you. Maybe some simple grey shading.

I ain’t good at porn but if you really want it, I’ll do it, that’s how fucking desperate I am for this stupid uniform. (wont do a 5 page porn comic though cause that’s way too much I can’t draw that much porn right out of the gate.) No graphic gore. I won’t do that. Bleeding is okay tho. Just like… No disemboweling. Nothing violent.

As many slots as I can until I hit like $200, maybe more. Slots and progress listed here.

I’m off from work all week so I can just kind of churn this stuff out.


Okay so I got an email back from Mandarake and I definitely have to buy this uniform so please buy some art from me even if it’s just like the $25 level stuff. If that’s still to much I’ll do sketches for $10.

If you can’t please signal boost. I really need to make back some of this money. Even like half of it.

Like I said above, I will draw pretty much anything you want. Fanart, OCs, whatevs. I’m off  from work all week so I’m going to be spending most of my time doing this so you’ll get a pretty quick turnaround on it.

12:14 AM
"Humming that tune as you stroll along, but you can’t save a soul with a broken song. With a long deep sigh and a hard stiff drink, you’re wilder than the moon and braver than you think."
—  Marc Brenton, “Abide”
12:11 AM
"Let me be your season when the sun has gone to ground. Let me be your shelter when the sky comes tumbling down. I’ll love you now in old ways new words cannot describe and I will be your vessel when the sea levels rise."
—  Marc Brenton, “Vessels”
12:08 AM
"Between the good and the bad we found nothing at all, but we kept on going till the going got gone, and pretend we forgot how we lost our dreams with a love that’s as good as bad can be."
—  Marc Brenton, “Good as Bad”
12:04 AM
"I want a love above conclusion like my love was just a dream, like the moon once loved the sun, ‘til the Earth fell in between. I’m gonna tear my heart to verses, and write it out in rhyme with inconsequential strung together happy points in time."
—  Marc Brenton, “Devil’s Due”
April 14th
11:53 PM




An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.

let’s do this thing

11:51 PM
"It’s not kissing like you mean it, or doing what you meant. It’s not falling in love, it’s just the angle of descent. You’ve got to seize the day, then live to regret it; and if love don’t exist then we’ll just have to invent it."
—  Marc Brenton, “A Hard Light”
April 13th
4:38 PM

going to my parents’ house for dinner :)


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