Hello! I'm Sandi to most people, Cass to some, and to one in particular I am Biscuit.
June 25th
9:47 PM

The archaeology cake is done! The bottom layer is dark chocolate, topped with crushed golden oreos and dinosaur-shaped sprinkles. The middle layer is red velvet, topped with crushed original oreos. The top layer is yellow cake with chocolate chunks mixed in, that mostly settled on the bottom, creating an interesting feature. The whole thing is done with Hershey’s chocolate frosting (I do NOT have time to bake from scratch!). The top is crushed original oreos and the sides are covered in mixed original and golden oreos because I had a ton of crumbs and had to do something with them. Chocolate rocks ring the bottom and dot the top along with flags marking STPs. A cutout in the top layer functions as an excavation unit, complete with a PEZ brick foundation.

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    I appreciate that you think I’m a good archaeologist based pretty much entirely on my baking a themed cake. I’m going to...
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    SO cute. So much better than my attempt at an archaeology cake during field school, and glad to know this idea occurs to...
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    Best cake.
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    oh my god can we just what
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